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Rio 2016: Opening Ceremonies

We are so excited for the Olympics!! This weekend we had an olympic get together with some friends to start getting in the spirit of the games. We met at a park and brought Brazilian or Olympic themed foods, and set up stations with the different sports for the kids to try. We also set up this flag for family photos, which turned out really cute. It was also our podium for the medal/closing ceremonies, where all the kids were awarded a chocolate gold medal and we played the national anthem. For sports, we had gymnastics, track and field, soccer and golf. In gymnastics we had a 2x4 balance beam on the ground, a mat for tumbling, ribbon sticks (see how to make them, in this post ) and a bouncy ball for rhythmic gymnastics. For track and field we set up markers for long jump, hurdles (see how to make easy ones, here ), and frisbees for discus. For food, we had the teddy graham swimmers (as seen on Pinterest ; )), USA fruit kabobs (strawberry, blueberry, mini marshmallows),

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