Cup Cartoons

Howdy! I saw a cool art project recently and we tried it and loved it, so I thought I'd share it with you. It's cheap and easy! All you need is two clear plastic cups and a variety of permanent markers. We used fine point Sharpies. 

Step one: use black marker to draw a simple character on the cup. 

Step 2: Slide another cup over the first, then use colored markers to draw clothes and accessories for your character. 


Here's what it looks like when you take them apart.

Then rotate the top cup a quarter turn and draw another scene. 

You could do multiple characters on the bottom cup and then just make a top accessory cup for each of them. Things One and Two loved doing this. If you are looking for a non-messy craft time, this is it! I hope you are having a happy summer!

You are loved!


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