Be Prepared!

Well, just when you think you are going to settle in to "normal," there's a natural disaster to keep things interesting terrifying. It's still raining here, and many of our friends have been either been evacuated, lost power, or lost drinking water. It's pretty crazy here. We are thankful to be safe so far. Being in an emergency does give you the chance to make sure you are prepared for the next one. 

Here's an idea I had this summer that we are putting to use here today. I bought some solar yard lights at the dollar store and they have worked fabulously in the yard all summer. I bought an extra set to save for power outages. (When I say save I mean I just didn't pull out the plastic tab that makes it start working until today). I filled a few short jars with beans (which I had left over from the sensory bin). Sand or rice would also work well. If it's not a 24 hour downpour, you can set them outside to charge during the day. I had to just put ours in the window, they still charged.

At night when it's dark you have a night light that's safe to leave on while you sleep. Thing One felt much better knowing he'd have a night light even if the power was out. These are so much safer to have around kids than candles! 

Here's the link to the Red Cross's flood preparedness list. They also have other emergency preparedness lists. Check them out and be ready for anything! I have to admit I'm kind of hyper prepared when it comes to disasters. But I honestly couldn't have even imagined this scenario. There are so many creeks in our town literally everything is cut off. Depending on where you live, all the roads are closed. Emergency personnel has asked everyone to stay off the roads. There's no running out to the grocery store, or home improvement stores....we had to already have everything we need to ride out this storm. That's what being prepared is about. Be safe, and be dry Colorado friends!


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