Sunflower Cupcakes

Hi! It's feeling really fallish here. Today I thought I'd share a quick fall dessert. These sunflower cupcakes are really easy. Just bake chocolate cupcakes (I made a pan of regular size and a pan of minis), and pipe yellow frosting petals around the edges. I did two rows around the edge of each. The outer layer I piped down and out, the inner layer up and out. If you don't have a special frosting bag, just use a sandwich size ziplock with the corner trimmed off. That's what I did. : )

For the leaves melt white almond bark and add a little green food coloring. Pour it into a sandwich bag, clip one corner and pipe leaf shapes onto a foil-lined tray. Or if it's easier, you can also just spread the almond bark thinly all over the foil-lined tray and allow to harden a little, then cut out leaf shapes with a paring knife. Either way, let the leaves harden completely, then gently stick them into the cupcake after you've piped on your flower petals.

Sometimes it's just fun to try something different. I like these because they don't really use any more frosting than you normally would just smear on top, and they only take a few extra minutes. I think they look way cuter than a plain frosted cupcake. Fun for a special fall birthday. If you want more cupcake ideas and you missed the monster cupcake post a while back you can find that here.  I hope your week is off to a good start! Thanks for reading!
- Haley


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