Sunday, September 15, 2013

Foil River

Last year we saw a fun idea in Family Fun magazine: how to make an aluminum foil river. You can make your own boats and then sail them down the backyard river bed you make from foil. This was a lot more fun last year when our backyard wasn't ACTUALLY TURNING INTO A RIVER! Our house has not really flooded yet, but my parents had to evacuate for a while today, and the number of people we know who are affected by this un-imaginable flooding is rising daily. Practically every neighborhood around us has evacuated at some point. Surreal.  Our town, and so many towns around us have so much re-building to do. Thank you to all the military and emergency personnel who have worked so tirelessly. You are true heros! We will prevail...Colorado Strong! 

If you are not waiting by the phone for evac orders or filling up your bathtub with potable water, here's a fun activity for you:


Put a little glue on the edge of the construction paper triangle and wrap it tightly around the toothpick.

We used a blob of playdoh to stick the sail in. This is the kid-friendly way to go, because they can do it on their own, but honestly a little blob of hot glue would be better. The playdoh got wet and made the boats a little too heavy. It works, it's just not the best. You can also use a walnut shell half for the base of the boat.

Once your boats are ready, you make the river by tearing a very long length of aluminum foil. Fold up the edges on both sides so that it can hold water, then turn the hose on a trickle at one end.

Some of the boats had a hard time getting through the river, but we found leaves would race down pretty fast. It was a great fall activity. We love playing outside when the weather gets just a bit cooler than the blazing summer heat, and this is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Kids can experiment a lot with the water: what floats? what's too heavy? what's too wide? etc. (side note: I wrote this before the flooding and can not help but laugh...seriously though, so not funny now. Hint: 1,000 gallon propane tanks can float if you have enough water... and at great speed! Yes, a friend of ours saw this this week.)
When you are done, reuse the foil, by making into a big ball. You can cover it with some duct or masking tape to make your own light-weight soccer or soft ball.

Stay safe Colorado friends! The rest of you, enjoy your sun and dry ground.

- Haley

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