Book Review: God Gave Me You

I haven't mentioned this here, but our family is about eight months into our own adoption journey. While every adoption looks different, they certainly call it a journey for a reason. Ever since we started filling out paperwork and connecting with other adoptive families, I have been very interested in hearing different families' adoption stories.

I just finished reading a new book, that was released this month: God Gave Me You, by Tricia Seaman & Diane Nichols. Trisha is an oncology nurse, who was taking care of a terminally-ill single-mom. This mother was facing a terribly painful and uncertain time, and as she got to know her nurse Tricia, came to believe that she would be the best person to take care of her son when she passed away. After just three weeks of knowing one another, she asked Tricia to adopt her son and raise him. Amazingly, Tricia and her husband had already been going through the process of becoming adoptive parents. While they were expecting a baby, this story shows how God sometimes has other plans, yet He does such an amazing job of preparing us for them, even when we don't see the turn coming in the road. It's a moving story of how two strangers became one big family in a matter of weeks, and how love and support can change a person's life and death.

This quick read is a great reminder that every day is a gift, and we can make it through our darkest days when we have a friend to walk with us.

You can find God Gave Me You at Howard Books, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

** I received a free copy of God Gave Me You from Howard books for my honest review. All opinions here are my own, because it's my blog. **


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