Toddler Snow Globe Ornaments

I like to have Thing One make something that he can give to his Aunts and Uncles. Last year we made these snow globe ornaments and they turned out super cute. This is a great craft for even really little kids. Here's what we did: 
I cut out a bunch of paper circles about 3" in diameter.  I used scrapbook paper that was Christmassy on one side and white on the other. Then I let Thing One color whatever he wanted on each one. Last year he couldn't really draw what he wanted, so he would draw something and I would turn it into a Christmassy thing. For example the reindeer was just a brown shape, I added an eye and red nose and legs. The penguin was just a pentagon, I added eyes and a beak. He liked to see what we could turn each drawing into, and I felt like they were still mostly his work. I also added the year to remember when we made them. 

Next, I sandwiched the picture between some clear plastic vinyl. You can find this at Hobby Lobby or wherever with the fabrics. It comes in different thicknesses, try to get a thinner one.

You want to create some space for the snow to fly around so we slipped a piece of egg carton between the top vinyl and the picture.

Then I covered the whole thing with tissue paper (to keep it from sticking) and sewed around the circle leaving the bottom 2" open,

so it looked like this.

We tore off the tissue paper, took out the egg carton and trimmed around the edge, leaving extra where it was open.

Then we sprinkled in some blue glitter and some tiny styrofoam snow balls.

Next, we cut out a felt base for the snow globe and sewed it to the bottom, sewing around all sides of the felt, to be sure to seal in the snow.

Finally we hole punched the top and added a ribbon for hanging. Ta da! Unbreakable snow globe; keepsake art.

Happy Christmas crafting. Thanks for reading!


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