One Pot Italian Dinner

You know that song "Video Killed the Radio Star"? Sometimes I wonder if Pinterest will be the death of print magazines. Lately several times that I have had the chance to read a magazine and I have already seen almost every idea in there; it's kind of disappointing. BUT, I have to say that this month's Martha Stewart Living had some great stuff that I hadn't seen. I tore out a bunch of pages with recipes and ideas I want to try. I know I could pin them, and maybe I will, but I like having a visual, paper cook book with recipes I've made from magazines. 

So I already tried one idea from the latest issue: this one-pot Italian dinner. 

The dry spaghetti is cooked in shallow water with a generous drizzle of oil and all the other ingredients thrown on top. As the spaghetti cooks the fresh tomatoes, basil, finely sliced onion and garlic all meld into a delicious sauce. 

This is our first year growing garlic, so I am still learning about the best ways to grow and harvest it, but this meal could easily come completely from the garden (minus the pasta and oil) later in the season. Add salt and pepper and if you like a little kick, some crushed pepper flakes. (I left those out since Thing One & Two are not fans.)

Here's our version bubbling away. We were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. In fact, my husband told me I could make it anytime, so that's pretty much the seal of approval. There wasn't an exact recipe in the magazine, just the basic idea. Just be sure not to start with too much water. I'd say you want the pasta covered by half an inch, so plan accordingly. I love that it's fresh ingredients and only one pot to clean. Add a salad picked from the garden and that's my kind of summer meal.

Next week I'm starting a series for the summer called "Fresh Food Fridays" where each Friday I will share several ideas/recipes for one food you might be growing in your garden. For example, five ways to use spinach. It's fun to get creative with your home-grown fruit and veggies. Have a great weekend!

- Haley


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