Fresh Food Friday : Zucchini

¡Bienvenidos Amigos! We made it to another Friday! This week I have a special treat--it's a double feature: Fresh Food & Free Food! First we'll talk about what to do with zucchini, besides sneak them on to your neighbor's porch...

Part I : Fresh Food 
I'm cheating this week, because last year I posted a bunch of recipes for zucchini, and they are all still my favorites so I'm sharing them again. We went to a little kids concert today at our local library and the singer sang a song about what he was growing in his garden. It went something like: "I'm growing onions and zucchini, carrots and zucchini, lettuce and zucchini, green beans and zucchini..." Funny and true.  

Here's the links to each of these recipes:

Part 2: Free Food
Dress up like a cow today (Friday July 12, 2013), get a free entree or meal at Chick-fil-a. They are even nice enough to give you printable costumes. Find yours here and get all the details. We are planning to wear black clothes, so I drew some white spots for Thing One to cut out. He also cut out the ears, and we learned about "tabs." Turns out cow costumes make for good preschool scissors practice. Yes, my friends, everything can be turned into a life-skills lesson. : )

I hope are enjoying your zucchini and your free chikin! Have a great weekend!
- Haley


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