Homemade Snow Cones

Although the winter Olympics are looking pretty balmy, here in the good ol' USA many states are getting more snow than usual. The other day we thought we'd take advantage of the snow and make snow cones! 

This was a really fun snacktivity for the kids. First we packed a large tupperware with snow. Really pack it in there, especially if it's the powdery stuff.

Then comes the fun party. For our snowcone bar we set out coconut milk, chocolate syrup, flavoring extracts, food coloring and some homemade syrups (the same kind we made for homemade soda). We had orange and coffee syrup this time. (Coffee Syrup: 1 Tbs instant coffee + 1 cup sugar + 1 cup water)

We once visited this shave ice shack in Hawaii called "JoJo's." It was the best snow cone I've ever had, and I think this one rivals it. The secret is the coconut milk. It makes the snow taste creamy just like ice cream. For mine I did chcoclate syrup, coffee syrup and a couple tablespoons of coconut milk. It tasted like a java/mounds bar ice cream. SO good!

The boys got to choose their own combos too. One picked chocolate mint (chocolate syrup, a couple drops mint extract, and green food coloring). I barely got a picture before it was gone.

The other picked coconut mint (eew?, but he liked it) also with green coloring.

 If you want to make it even easier, you can make a Slurpee by just packing a cup with snow and adding any kind of soda. We had some orange crush left over from...well never mind, let's not talk about it. Anyway this tasted just like an orange Slurpee!

Hope you are finding ways to enjoy the snow if you have it!

Thanks for reading!
- Haley


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