Curious George Party

We had a Curious George party a while back and I thought I'd just share the simple decorations and food we did. Since it can get so hot outside in the summer, we decided to have a party early in the day and make it a breakfast party. I used my Silhouette to make the invitations, but you could just print a pattern and cut them out with scissors. The outside layer was yellow card stock, cut at the top so it could be "peeled." All the info was inside on the banana (cream card-stock). We didn't send out too many, so I just hand wrote them, leaving the bottom third blank to glue to the peel piece. 

A few weeks before the party I ordered some paperback Curious George books. I got this set of phonics books, and took some of them apart to use the pictures as decorations. They were super easy to  fit into cheap 5x7" frames. If you wanted to do a Curious George bedroom, this would also be a great set to get. It's 12 books of classic 5x7 pictures of Curious George!  The books that I didn't cut up and frame we gave away as favors to the littler kids, and then I ordered this multipack of books to split up as favors also (that's less than $2 each). Personally I love when the kids get a party favor that not going to break or get thrown away as soon as we get home. Books are great favors!

We did red and yellow streamers, table cloths, and cups/plates. We used our Curious George stickers to spruce up plain red and yellow cups. For the rest of the decorations we just used stuff we had that went with some the of Curious George stories. I set out some board books and the toys that went with them. Curious George and the Bunny

Curious George Rides

Most of the party was outside. We had a coloring table with CG coloring sheets and card stock monkeys to color. I also set up an easel in the yard with water colors and CG coloring pages to paint on both sides of the easel. The kids really liked the painting station. 

For food we did breakfast stuff: mini pancakes on a stick (to go with CG Makes Pancakes), lil' smokies sausages, fruit, and an egg casserole--which is a favorite family recipe.

Breakfast or no, it's still a birthday party so we had to have cupcakes. I made the Cranberry Carrot Muffins (with cream cheese frosting instead of seeds on top) and some chocolate mini cupcakes too. We have a book of Curious George stickers so I just cut out some of those to make the cupcake picks. 

And then I made a snack table for little monkeys. Because little monkeys like snacks like mini bananas, CG fruit snacks, juice boxes and fruit loops.

That was our Curious George party. Here's to being a good little monkey...and alway very curious!

 You are loved!


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