Make a Difference: Shopping for Shoeboxes

Hi Friends! Is it just me or is July the fastest month of the year? We are already stocking up for school. When I was checking out at Walmart, the checker said that now is the time to buy school supplies, because closer to the start of school, they raise all the prices. 
While you are out getting deals for school, don't forget that now is also the best time to stock up for your Operation Christmas Child boxes. Pencils, sharpeners, crayons, colored pencils, and markers are all great items to put in your shoeboxes. 

This year I also got several pencil bags, because I saw an idea on Pinterest that suggested putting puzzles in a pencil pouch instead of the bulky box. The pouch will likely hold up better over time than a flimsy cardboard box too. Just make sure to cut out and include the cover photo, so the kids know what the puzzle looks like! The Dollar Store has tons of puzzles and coloring books to go with all the art supplies on sale right now. 

The end of the summer season is also a great time to find super clothing deals for kids. This year, for the first time, we are including some clothing in our Operation Christmas Child boxes. I found some awesome, very lightweight athletic shirts and sundresses, (brand new) for just a few dollars. These will fit easily in the shoeboxes, and still leave plenty of room for other fun stuff. 

Buying things at the right time is so important because it means you can pack more and spend less. Win! Win! Happy shopping!

You are loved!


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