2015 Reading Plans

Well, it's the beginning of the year so I'm making my list of books that I want to read this year. Last year I had a goal to read one book a month. I think I came close. Here's some of what I read last year:

So those were the ones I talked about, but I also read: 

I think I read a couple others, but I can't remember them now. Anyway that's nine, so I'm pretty happy with that. I actually listened to Mere Christianity, which I absolutely recommend. I love CS Lewis so much, but sometimes I feel like I need to read sections  of his writing over and over to let it sink in. Listening to it really helped me feel like I was understanding it the first time. Our local library has a lot of books on CD, so we just borrowed it for free. 

When I looked back and my "books I'm going to read in 2014" picture, I realize that four of the books I put on my 2015 shelf are still on the "to read" list. I really am going to read these, plus I've added a few: 
Fly a Little Higher (I'm reading this now--prepare to cry and have a huge dose of perspective in the area of families dealing with childhood cancer. So good though.)
What Alice Forgot - my friend has recommend this author, and I'm trying to add a little fiction to the mix. 

I think I'll do better this year, because I now have a couple of book buddies, so now I can set some timeline of when we want to finish a book so we can talk about it. Yay, mini book club!

I love reading, because it's a hobby that doesn't have to cost you anything. Several of these books are borrowed from friends, and others were from the library. Can I say a few words about how I have discovered the e-library? You have probably been using it forever, but it's new to me and I love it! I don't have a tablet, Kindle, or an iPad--nor do I need one, but I have a smart phone and Kindle has a free app that allows you to read ebooks from the library, Amazon, etc., so you can just use your phone or an iPod with wifi. I've gotten several books for free, as authors, bloggers, publishers sometimes run a 24 hr deal to download their book for free. I will promise to share these deals with you this year, my friends, because free is awesome. But you do have to snatch it up right away, because then it goes back to the regular price. 

The library app I use is called OverDrive. It has been great! Thing One loves reading through chapter book series, but that's a problem when the library has The Absent Author and The Canary Caper, but not The Bald Bandit. With OverDrive, I can download The Bald Bandit and we can get books "A, C, D & E" in paperback, and we don't have to wait for "B" to come in, or make an extra trip to the library, just so he can continue the series. I don't like him to read all the time on my phone, but one book here and there has been great. Plus I love having a book with me all the time. I can read for a few minutes in the school pick up line, and I actually make progress on these books. Because a lot of days there is no time. OverDrive is like a real library in some ways, there are still waiting lists sometimes; I'm currently 39th in line for What Alice Forgot. But when it becomes available I'll have it with me right away. 

Here's to a great year of reading! Any books I should add to my list?


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