Guys and Dolls

Hi friends! How are you? It's been spring break week here, and we've been stuck inside, because Thing One is allergic to air now (well, tree pollen). I'm looking into ordering a bubble for him to live in next you guys. He's been a trooper though, and hasn't complained about not getting to go outside, even though it's been so nice. We've been chillin' inside with Mary Poppins, the Incredibles, a lot of speed scrabble and some art and craft time. Oh and some cooking fun, which I want to share next week! 

It's been a while since I was excited about a crafty thing, but I was catching up on reading The Crafty Crow blog, which showcases fun kid craft ideas, and stumbled on Margret Bloom's books of peg dolls (check them out here). I know I'm like two years behind the peg doll craze, but I have boys and I just was never looking to make dolls. However, these little guys are so fast and easy to make and there were so many possibilities, I thought we'd give some boy dolls a try. Things One and Two booth liked painting them. We made a pirate with washi tape hat and baker's twine belt,

Luke Skywalker to go with the Tie fighter we already had,

and Elsa, because Thing Two just still loves her. The boys buit an ice castle out of cups and have been playing a game of bowl over Elsa and the ice castle with balls...because that's how boys play with dolls. : )

Then, somehow when I started looking for peg doll inspiration I accidentally found the tutorial for these flower fairies (right here) and I made one right away.

And then I may have made four of them that same day, and may or may not have made two trips to the craft store for more supplies since then. I am totally not obsessed with how adorable these are. (ok, fine. I am. I'msorryIcan'tstopmakingthem!) Look how cute they are!?

They are just so easy to make. The perfect movie craft (as in make while you watch a movie), or girls night craft.

The materials are cheap, especially if you get them on sale.

And you can even make little accessories for them.

I think I want to make a felt house. I put some ideas on my Stuff to Make for Kids board, in case you catch this fairy fever.


I think these fairies and peg dolls would be perfect in Operation Christmas Child boxes, or maybe to donate to a Children's hospital or cancer ward? A fun craft that can make someone's day a little happier? Crafts for the win!

I hope you are having a happy day! You are loved!


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