Random Acts of Kindness

Hi Friends! To see the full (and long) post about my Random Acts of Kindness birthday click here. Below is a quick list of RAOK ideas. Spread kindness, you won't regret it!

  • Leave quarters taped to a vending machine or car wash with a note
  • Bring a box of food/diapers/personal hygiene items to a local community resource center
  • Bring flowers to someone who isn't expecting them. (who? a barista, a volunteer, or a receptionist at a non-profit, how about the checker who scans your groceries all the time)
  • Leave a jar of pennies or quarters by a kids ride at the grocery store or Walmart
  • Leave bubbles or sidewalk chalk at a park with a happy note
  • Hide plastic dinos or lizards in the sand at the park
  • Bring crayon rolls and coloring books to a children's hospital or pediatric unit
  • Leave some new board books in a waiting room for kids
  • Pay for the coffee or meal of the person behind you in the drive thru line
  • Leave basket of new toys or pizza gift card and a movie on a family's front door step, ring the bell and run!
  • Leave laundry detergent with a note at a laundry mat
  • Leave a stack of quarters on the washing machines or dryers at a laundry mat
  • Offer to pull weeds/plant flowers at a local non-profit
  • Bring coffee to all the staff at a charity organization
  • Bring art and craft supplies to a low-income day care center
  • Leave a new promo code taped to a Redbox with a note
  • Buy a Subway card for a homeless person
  • Donate used blankets, treats, or pet food to the humane society or local pet shelter
  • Leave your server a really big tip and a happy note
  • Shovel your neighbor's driveway or the sidewalk along your whole block when it snows
  • Offer to rake or do yard work for an elderly person, for free!
  • Bring your child's teacher her favorite coffee when you drop your kid off for school
  • Bring coffee/hot chocolate to someone who has to work in the cold (toll booth operator, parking attendant, construction worker)
  • Leave sticky notes on the mirror at a public bathroom with compliments ("Your hair looks great!" "Lookin' good today!" "Hey beautiful, yes I'm talkin' to YOU!" "Don't forget to smile!")
  • Tape coupons to the items they are good for at the store
  • Buy a grocery gift card and hand it to someone coming into the store
  • Look strangers in the eye and ask how their day is going
  • Bring flowers to a nursing home, spend time talking with the residents and passing out flowers (baby food jars make great mini vases!)
  • Send a scarf to a college student who grew up in the foster care system (Red Scarf Project)
  • Donate baby formula and baby food to a local community resource center
  • Share fresh garden veggies with someone who doesn't have a garden (if you have one)
  • Donate a coat in a fall coat drive
  • Donate a toy for Toys for Tots (in November)
  • Pack a box for Operation Christmas Child

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” 
― Mother Teresa

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