Two years ago a friend and I were discussing how we spend our time, where we get ideas, etc.  She asked me if I read any craft blogs and it was like she was speaking another language.  I had no idea then what a blog even was (is that on the interwebs?).  Aside from that, the word "craft" conjured up images of popsicle sticks and glitter.  So my friend suggested I check out Homemade by Jill as an example.  Suddenly I was Jasmine singing on a magic carpet. I was hooked, and the word "craft" was redefined. I have since stumbled through blog land finding new favorites, but I always check back with Jill to see what she's up to. Her tutorials are wonderful and I have tried lots of her projects. This tag animal tutorial is one of my first attempts. These are such a cute addition to a baby gift. The ribbon loop makes it easy to hook on to anything.

I started with a few elephants using Jill's pattern, but then I made up a few of my own.

My older son loved loops and tags when he was really little so when I made my own version I wanted to make animals that could use more ribbon. Kind of a taggie blanket/stuffed animal hybrid.

I love this giraffe because it is nice and neutral; perfect for a baby boy or girl.


And I love this dinosaur because he is totally boy.  A lot of stuffed animals don't really look fit for a boy, but this guy did to me.  I've learned my lesson when making multi-step projects-- always make a couple at a time. That way when it turns out awesome you already have one for next time : )

Thanks for reading!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! So excited that you are FINALLY teaching me step by step ( baby! - yes, I did listen to New Kids On the Block)how to do all the crafts you are always talking about. Coming from someone who has no creativeness at all, in order to accomplish anything like that, I need your crafty expertise. Thanks for finally giving it! I remember the owl you made for Ashton. I still have it, and he loves it so much!

  2. I know that giraffe! Thank you for blogging and making the "craft world" a little more fathomable. I'm still intimidated by it, but the accessibility of your blog might give me the courage I need.


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