Did anyone else listen to New Kids On The Block? It was all the rage when I was in first grade. Anyway here I am, the new kid and I am seriously as scared and disoriented as any newly transplanted kid. But I figure if hundreds of thousands of people can run their own blogs I should be able to figure it out...eventually. 

In light of this being my first post, does anyone else find it funny that the first episode of every show is just called "Pilot"? I know, I know it's the pilot, but it's not a law that you can't give it another name. I think that every first episode should be required to at least involve a pilot if they are going to call it that. Anyway...

Hopefully you will find my little projects interesting. I have been coming up with tutorials and ideas for my non-exsistant blog for quite a while, and those ideas were getting crowded so I finally had to create a space to let them out. Check back and I'll see if I can actually post something useful. Thanks for stopping by. It's nice to meet you!


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