Thank You Notes

Well, how were your holidays? We are spoiled every year and had a wonderful time again with our families. Now it's time to let them know how much we appreciate their thoughtful gifts. I think it's important to say "thank you." Not just for gifts, but for everything. I think gratitude is one of the most under-rated qualities in our society. I want my kiddos to learn the importance of saying thank you, so I try to have Thing One  be invested in his thank you notes (Thing Two is still too little). Last year I bought some blank cards and let Thing one make his own cards. 

He used some Lego character stickers and then drew a scene around them and I captioned it and helped him write his notes inside. Do you know there are websites where you can buy cards drawn by children? Think of what a money saver it is to have your own in-house card artist!

I think these are more fun to receive than store bought ones. Who doesn't love kid art? It just makes me smile. : ) This might also make a fun gift for a grandparent. Your kiddos can make a set of 4-6 cards with different themes: birthday, thank you, Valentine's Day etc. and give them the set as a gift. Using stickers as the focal point helps to clear up the "what is it" question and give the kids some structure to work around, plus it's easy to theme it with a little caption.

Wishing you a happy New Year!

Thanks for reading.
- Haley


  1. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library.

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