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Hi friends! Just a couple of days left in our Make a Difference for Freedom: IJM campaign. I didn't mention before that I have a good friend who works on the front lines at this organization. He is a former undercover cop, who is using that knowledge and experience to investigate these criminal cases and rescue women and children from horrific bondage. I thought it would be cool to let you know a couple of things that happened this month while we were talking about and giving to IJM.

Early in the month we started getting some updates from the family of our friend, saying an assignment was underway and prayers were appreciated. It was almost a week of continued requests; real-time updates, "Things are happening, please keep praying for safety for the team, and for no tip-offs..."

Then finally this article. The mission was a success! Now it will go on to court as the exceptional legal team puts together all the incriminating evidence to bring about a just sentence.

Just last week I got this update from the IJM facebook page:

Breaking: IJM Cambodia helped rescue girls from 3 brothels. Trafficking survivors safe in good shelter. Suspects arrested, brothels CLOSED. 

Our friend was involved in this assignment as well. Other missions are going on around the world as you read this, but it was amazing to me just to know the awesome work accomplished this month through just one of IJM's investigation and rescue teams. It is an honor to give to this organization and be a tiny part of the good they are doing.

As of right now we have raised $1,000! That money can pay for:

  • 22 days of undercover investigations  OR
  • 8 days of after care for all three of the girls rescued this month  OR
  • 2 weeks of legal advocacy 
I'm so excited that we reached the $1,000 goal! I think it would be even cooler if we could raise another $360. That would mean together we paid for an entire month of investigation! There's a few days left, so if you still wanted to be part of making a difference in April, head over here to give and help us fund a full month of investigation!

After this month you can always find out more and donate at www.ijm.org. You can also get exciting updates by following IJM on facebook or Twitter.

I'll leave you with one more amazing story from IJM. These stories are both hard to hear and a great picture of God's love for each person and the lengths He goes to to pursue us when we are lost. I'm so glad IJM didn't give up on Suhana. Each young child trapped in this nightmare deserves to be rescued at all costs. We can help make these stories possible!

Ray of Hope

Thanks to everyone who donated to IJM this month, YOU made a difference. Thanks also for taking the time to read my blog and learn more about International Justice Mission.

Have a fantastic day!!
- Haley


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