Play-doh Plants

Howdy! I hope you had a great weekend! We enjoyed the sun, worked in the garden, and are now bracing for possibly a foot of snow in the next day or so. Fabulous. I heart global warming, for sure. Speaking of the globe, I said I wanted to have kind of a reduce, reuse, recycle theme this month, with Earth Day coming up and all. Of the three I feel like "reuse" gets neglected most, so today I have a new use for something you have no doubt thrown away (or recycled) at some point; play-doh cans.

Of course it's easy to make your own play-doh at home, so when your old dough dries out you could just refill the cans with a homemade version, or you can follow these steps for cute, colorful flower pots.

Start with empty play-doh cans. Turn them over and punch a hole in the bottom for drainage. I found a screw driver worked perfectly for this. 

Next you want to do a few bands of hot glue on the bottom to connect the container to the top of the top. The top will serve as a saucer, so you need to leave space for the water to drain out. This means make sure not to glue all the way around. 

Once the container is glued to the top, fill with dirt, and plant your seeds. We choose wildflower for the tiny ones and peas for the regular size.

Pretty soon, you'll have some happy sprouts.

Just keep them inside until the snow melts. : ) Have a great week!

- Haley

**Don't forget, we are standing for freedom this month. Read hereGive here. Thank you!!**


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