That's a Wrap

Father's day is this weekend, so we are thinking gifts for dad. I like making presents look pretty, but when I'm wrapping something for a man I don't want it to look girlie, so a few years ago we wrapped Dad's gift this way. Wrap the present as usual, then cut a long rectangle strip of wrapping paper that coordinates with the one you used to wrap the present and tape it on as a collar--white-side out. Then cut and tape on a tie. You could also try a bow tie and buttons. 

Another easy trick I'm using: remember when we made the strawberry net cage? Well, Thing One was careful taking the ribbon off the hula hoops, so we were left with a couple of really long pieces of curly ribbon, from each hoop. Rather than trow it away, I folded it back and forth about four times to wrangle it, and then secured it with a twist tie. I cut all the ends and then bent it in half at the tie and pinched it so all the curls went the same direction, and we had a free bow in about ten seconds [minus the time he spent taking it off the hula hoop : )]

Summer is keeping us busy here (and hot)! Stay cool out there! See ya Friday!

- Haley


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