Fresh Food Friday: Tomatoes

Well, how was your week? We made it to another Friday! Today I thought we could talk tomatoes. 

If there's one thing everyone grows it's tomatoes, right? I feel like there's really no need to convince you with delicious recipes that you should grow these, but when you are being over-run, maybe you'll need a few more ideas of how to eat them. 

Our favorite tomato dish is caprese bread. I know I've mentioned it.  Broil some mozzarella on a slice of baguette and top with a slice of tomato, a basil leaf, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Lunch of champions I tell you. 

Sometimes we grow a lot of smaller tomatoes and it gets hard to eat them all. These are great for basil boats: cherry tomato and mozzarella ball or cube on a toothpick with a basil leaf wrapped around them, as seen at Terri's table blog. 

For a kid-freindly version, you could try making ten apples up on top, like we did for the Suess party.

Salsa is the perfect recipe for any mix of tomatoes; big, small, about to go bad. 

My gardening goal for a long time has been to grow everything needed for homemade salsa, except the lime and salt. We are pretty close this year. Since we finally got a few small onions, after years of trying to grow them, it might happen (if our second planting of cilantro will hurry up)! Here's the link to my salsa recipe, which I posted about last year.

This year I'm most excited about the varieties of tomatoes we are growing. Lemon boy, Purple, SunSweet (which is a mild orange cherry type), Sweet 100 cherry, along with a couple of traditional reds.

I'll be wrapping up Fresh Food Friday next week. I hope you've found a recipe or two this summer, or a reason to grow something you might not have thought you wanted to grow. Have a super weekend!
- Haley


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