Dry Erase Travel Case

The other day I saw these dry erase crayons and we thought we'd give them a try. 

They work great, and my kiddos loved drawing and coloring with them. I just picked up these clear pockets at the Target dollar spot, so I can slip in a few coloring sheets and they can color, erase and switch, all without using up paper. This is especially great for Thing Two who would just like to color Curious George with balloons forever (his two favorite things). Thing One can also do some math practice worksheets, or any kind of worksheet really. If you had multiple kids you wanted to work though a work book, you could totally use these pockets and only buy one work book.

Anyway, back to those dry erase crayons. Obviously we wanted to keep them separate from the other crayons, so the kids wouldn't use regular crayons on the plastic pockets and ruin them. I also wanted to keep all the dry erase crayons together, and maybe be able to bring them with us places, but those cardboard boxes never hold up and definitely don't hold the crayons once they're all broken in half. So I used the cloth that comes with the crayons to sew up a quick travel case for them.

I made the case just like I did the monster crayon rolls. All you need is a five inch piece of elastic. I just folded the cloth in thirds and sewed both the edges on the folded part, sewing in both ends of the elastic on one side.

Then the top folds down over the crayon you roll or fold it up and put the elastic around it and you're good to go! 

I'm not sure if we'll use this since, all the crayons are already broken and peeled (it's been one week), but I cut down the box they came in and taped it up to keep just the crayon sharpener part. It also fits in the elastic if you want to keep it with the crayons. Now we have the cloth, the crayons and the sharpener all together in a travel-friendly pack. 

I love a five-minute project that makes life easier and keeps us organized. I hope your week is off to a great start!
- Haley


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