Burlap Evergreen Trees

Last year I saw these cute burlap trees from Six Sisters Stuff. These are not too complicated to make, but they are a little time consuming and messy. See all the how-to details at the SSS link above. In the end they look just like something you would buy from a cute little mountain cottage store though, except a LOT cheaper to make yourself. My Dad helped me cut the trunk pieces out of some branches we already had, and then drilled the holes for the dowels. If you don't have a miter saw, you could try using a different base. An upside-down small terracotta pot would also work.

This was a great project to do as a big batch. If you're making 1 or 2 why not make 20, right? I gave some away as gifts, and also brought this as my craft for a winter Pinterest party. For the party I prepped the bases and cut 1/4" dowels into  12" or 9" lengths for everyone to choose from. I also cut all the burlap into 1" strips. The crafters then glued the dowel into the base,  cut the strips into the 6"to 8" pieces, and tied them on. Beware: the burlap will make a mess! It frays easily as you tie them on the dowel.

I also experimented with the ones I made, adding tiny pinecones,

and even trying one with red burlap and raffia as decoration. Not sure how I feel about the red one, but I did find a place for it.

This was a great party craft, and would be fun for a girl scout troop or a Mom's group. Hope you are having a good week! Happy crafting!

- Haley


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