Christmas Owl Wreath

Hi! It's freezing here. Colder, actually. We've been inside A LOT, so I'm trying to get all my Christmas projects and gifts done early, and be able to relax and enjoy all the festivities after next week. I just read this post, and I'm all about Christmas being stable (and about one), and not frantic. That said, we are still doing some decorating, some baking and some gift making, just not overdoing them. : ) We are looking forward to lots of fun memories this year. So far I'm not feeling stressed, or too busy, and I'm planning/hoping to keep it that way.

I really don't like to buy Christmas decorations or any kind of decoration, mostly because I don't like to spend money and I'm practical to a fault (what, buy that so I can store it in a box for 11 months a year?). Once in a while if I see something I like, I will try to make it out of stuff we already have. This week I thought I'd share a few decorations that I've made that are easy, inexpensive or both.

Last year I shared this canvas I made. Still my favorite Christmas phrase.

Also last year, Target had a super cute owl ornament. I liked it so much I wanted to use it as more than just an ornament. I decided to make it the centerpiece of a clean and simple winter wreath. I started with a foam pool noodle and duct taped the ends together. Then I cut some red burlap into 2" strips and wrapped the noodle, securing with hot glue.

Then I had my wreath base.

I hot glued the owl ornament to the bottom inside of the wreath and tried to make it look like he was sitting on a branch, using some sticks from the backyard. I just glued them on one at a time. Then I covered my glue spots with reindeer moss and mini pinecones, and added a few regular size pinecones as well.

I added a ribbon to hang it, and that's it!

Super simple, but still feels cheery and clean to me. I hope you are staying warm and enjoying all the good parts of this time of year. 

 Thanks for reading. See you soon for a few more easy decoration DIYs.

- Haley


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