A Sunny Baby Shower

It's snowy here again so I thought I'd pull out some pictures of a happy, sunny baby shower we had for my friend a little while ago. The theme was yellow and grey and elephants. Six of us worked together to throw her this brunch, so we each just did a couple of things. One friend made this paper banner with her Silhouette.

Another brought all the stuff to set up a headband and hair clip making station. That sweet baby's head will never be naked! Guests had such a fun time making these. 

We had a diaper cake,

and a drink table with milk and frappuccinos. 

Since it was a brunch, we decided to do mini breakfast foods and a yogurt bar. For the yogurt bar I just wrapped the yogurt containers in scrapbook paper and used washi tape to tape labels to them: strawberry and vanilla. They looked cute, plus less dishes! Then we had chopped mango, pineapple, and strawberries and homemade granola as toppings. A few rolls of washi tape really brought a lot together for this party. We used washi on little bamboo spoons, to label food and drinks, and to make little flag toothpics for the waffle bites and the mini sausage sandwiches. By the way, I thought the waffle bites were so cute: two mini waffles (just the frozen kind that you toast four-at-a-time and pull apart), strawberry frosting between them, and a slice of banana with more frosting piped on top; hold it all together with a toothpick. These would be fun for a little girls' tea.

We had scones and french toast sticks over a little cup of syrup. What I loved about the food for this is that it was all good, and it was mostly stuff we warmed up--as in hooray Costco freezer section : ) You don't have to kill yourself to throw a shower! Work with friends and be practical about the amount of time you have to make things. We also didn't break the bank. Most of the decorations were paper, washi tape and simple vases of flowers. I'd rather spend time enjoying the company of friends (and my kids) than stressing about food and details, so that's what we did.

One friend made a super mimosa bar with all kinds of combos. Vigin, traditional, different flavors..it was so fun! 

The baby's initials are MM so as guest favors, we set up an M&M bar with six different flavors. We had some little glassine bags, a scoop for everyone to help themselves, and a stack of washi tape to seal the bags.

It was a fun celebration with good friends. I'm so lucky to know so many creative and crafty people,  and we are all so happy to have baby MM with us now : )

Hope you are having a great day!

- Haley


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