Spring Gardening

Ok, I'm sorry to keep going on about this, but I have to show you one more picture of the green house boxes. It's been about a month since we started the seeds inside. The plants are now so big the green beans are blossoming! We've been putting them outside during the day, and some warm nights; but if we get a cold night or a particularly windy storm, we can just bring them back in the house. We're planning to transplant in about two more weeks. It's so hard to wait, since we've had some really nice weather and we know those plants are dying to get into the ground; but it never fails, if you transplant too early, one cold night could kill five weeks of protected growing. So we wait...

Meanwhile outside, I started some of the cold hardy-ish crops. I planted the snow peas, lettuce and spinach about three weeks ago, and covered them up with plastic for the first two weeks, since we did get some freezing nights. This week it's been warm so I uncovered them and added the pea trellises. I splurged on some of the bright yellow tomato cages, and the little pop of color makes me really happy. : )

Our other early planting included onion slips and garlic. I'm really excited to grow garlic this year, and I bought a few different kinds. I didn't even know that elephant garlic existed, but based on the size of the single cloves I planted, I'm excited to see what a whole head of it would look like. It's huge! We also bought potatoes, which I think we should have planted by now, but first have to build the containers for them...cart, horse, whatever.

I hope you get to enjoy some sun and fresh air this weekend!

- Haley


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