Zucchini Brownies

I never thought about trying zucchini brownies. But again Six Sisters recently shared a great recipe and I gave it a try this week. You blend up the zucchini so it has a nice smooth texture. This recipe also does not use eggs, which is great if you know someone with an egg allergy.  

I made the first batch exactly as they suggest, and the brownies were fluffy and rich. However, next time I make these I do plan to make a few alterations. Here's a little cooking math for you, because I know you are looking for more ways to incorporate math into your daily life : ) 

1/4 cup vegetable oil = 480 calories
1/4 cup applesauce = 25 calories

These are interchangeable when it comes to baking brownies and cakes. My mom always uses applesauce for her cakes and saves 900 calories on a cake! I can never taste the difference. Now I'm not a calorie Nazi or anything, but why would you want to eat calories that you can't even taste?

I do not like frosting on brownies, just a personal preference, so I didn't make any for these, but I do think they would be even better with chocolate chips. If you use applesauce and chocolate chips you would still come out ahead.

1/4 cup mini chocolate chips = 320 calories

It's fun to find a new recipe, and then to play with it a little. I hope you enjoyed zucchini week.  Have a great Labor Day weekend! 

Thanks for reading!


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