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I originally heard about the Red Scarf Project through a creative non-profit called Craft Hope. (Their website is down right now but you can check them out on Facebook.) Craft Hope is run by a creative and caring woman named Jade Laswell (formerly Jade Sims). Every couple of months or so she highlights an organization that that has some kind of handmade encouragement program. 

Craft Hope has elected projects to help kids from Africa, to Haiti, to California, all handmade items to help cheer, encourage or comfort. Hats and bags for cancer patients, sock monkeys for burn victims, and alphabet bean bags for classrooms in Africa. One of the things I like best is that Jade isn't making up projects; she and others are just finding and connecting with existing organizations who already have programs in place to help people through handmade items. Craft Hope highlights a new cause and gives crafters the opportunity to discover a cause that they might really connect with. That's how the Red Scarf Project was for me. Craft Hope did this project two years ago and I still look forward to sending in my scarves because I think it is such a great program. It is always exciting to hear about the next project. Follow Craft Hope on Facebook to find the latest Craft Hope project. OR...

you can buy the Craft Hope book! It is filled with projects to make, patterns and instructions, and info and contacts for each organization. You can find an organization that makes your heart beat a little faster and do their project or you can use the patterns to make some lovely homemade gifts for the holidays. These fingerless gloves are on my to-make list. A portion of the sales from each book still goes to charity, so even if you buy it for selfish reasons you can't help doing a good thing.

Here's to crafting for a cause.

You can find the Craft Hope book below, or on Amazon.

Thanks for reading!
- Haley


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