Octover and the Velveteen Pot Holder

Thing One has been waiting for October since January. He says that "Octover"is his favorite month because that's when you get to jump in piles of leaves. To celebrate October 1 today we raked a tiny pile of leaves and played in it. Then we made a little maze with our leaves, leading to a then even smaller pile. It was like a fall leaf slip and slide. Thing One would run through the maze into the pile. It will be more fun when there's a few more leaves on the ground (and more work). ; )

In other news, for three days now Thing Two has adopted this play potholder as his favorite thing. He will not part with it. There were lots of tears at bath time tonight when I wouldn't let him bathe with it. It's like the velveteen potholder.

Thing One has several of these Hasbro games. He told me that they say that 3 year olds can't cry when they play these.  Indeed. I'm all about following the directions.

That's all from here. Happy October!


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