Fall Crafting Challenge

If you read other craft blogs you've maybe seen how some bloggers get sent products or materials to try out or to make into something creative. I like it when several blogs are sent the same stuff and they all come up with something so different. Anyway, I'm not one of those bloggers who gets free stuff, not from big companies anyway. But the other day my sister gave me some fabric and I couldn't decide what to do with it. So I thought I would have my own little craft challenge.

I checked around the house for some other stuff I wanted to use. 

Project 1:  I made a little liner for this small shoe box. It folds over the top and looks just like one of those little baskets you can by at Target or wherever. But I forgot to take a picture of the finished project, and already gave it away. It was cute, I know you'll take my word for it.  

Project 2 was a little more involved. 

I used the gifted fabric on the outside and some tan fabric from my stash for the inside lining. I added a couple of small pockets to the inside, 

and I used the sisal rope for the handles.

I made the liner about three inches longer than the bag and just folded it over and sewed it down twice. I didn't bother hemming it, because I figured with the look I was going for a little fraying would be fine.  I also tried my hand at eyelets for the handle straps. Once I used both a top and bottom it was really easy : ) 

I like the mismatched textures and fabrics, even though it's a little different.

For the bottom I used a little scrap piece of upholstery I bought a long time ago in one of those remnant grab bags they sell at Hobby Lobby. Have you ever bought those? They usually only cost about $6, and it's just a random set of small cuts of fabric. It's another motivator to come up with creative projects.

Speaking of creative projects, here's what I made a while ago with the rest of the upholstery fabric. He's filled with rice, and Thing One really likes him. 

So you don't have to get a corporate sponsor to try something you've never tried or make something you maybe wouldn't have normally made. I hope my goofy projects might inspire a little extra creativity at your house to.  Good Luck!

 Thanks for reading!
- Haley


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