Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Fun for Kids

I am so thankful to have the right and privilege of voting. Like most good Coloradans we voted early.
: )  But I'm still so excited about Election Day. This is going to be an exciting and very close race. We are headed to an election party tonight to watch the votes come in. While we did watch the Voting Day Sesame Street this morning, I thought we would try to do a few other fun kid activities to celebrate and talk about this special day. I'm wishing I would have checked out this book. But at least we can watch the video.

 I found this U.S. map puzzle so we can study the states a little bit.

I also found a coloring page with the electoral votes. You can find and print that here. I had to print it at 90% to fit it on the page.

Grown ups might also enjoy making their own predictions with this interactive map. You can print out the map when you are done and compare your choices to the real turnout tonight.

Remember those who have sacrificed so much to provide and protect this right for all of us.

God bless America, and America bless God. 
- Haley

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