Gifts for Kids: Car Caddy

I love toys that travel well, so a couple years ago when I saw Jill's car caddy I knew I had to make one or two. This is one of those projects that is great to make more that one at a time because you can just do each step twice and come out with an extra at the end. Obviously, right? But when I do projects that have lots of steps I always get to end and think I'm not sure I would start that all over again. But if I make two or three at once then I already have extra, and I'm always glad. 

Jill's tutorial is pretty complete, so if I were you I'd just head over there. But I wanted to show you how mine turned out. I used some denim fabric, black strap, and felt for the truck on the outside. 

I used red corduroy on the inside, with black (or grey) and yellow felt for the road.

Perfect for crusin'.

I made one for a little friend of ours and used freezer paper and fabric paint to personalize it for him.

This car caddy and a box of Hot Wheels or Matchbox Cars is a perfect gift for your favorite boys.
Thanks for reading! 


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