Grown-up Easter Baskets

I know it's getting pretty close to Easter to be sharing ideas, but if you're waiting until the last minute, here's a couple of grown-up Easter baskets I put together this year. I already told you how I feel about Easter. I like to keep the focus on Jesus and His gift to us, but I also enjoying giving gifts and I feel like if you keep things simple you can enjoy the Easter baskets and spring chicks and bunnies without ruining the Holiday. So, for the first basket I did a simple citrus theme.

 It had a microplane (or zester) and a citrus spritzer.  Have you seen these? You just plug the spray top right into the lemon or lime and spritz fresh juice right out. Pretty cool huh? (I hope it works!) Then instead of eggs or candy I filled the basket with lemons, limes and cutie oranges.

The second basket I made for someone who's planning a trip to Europe, so I filled it with a few city guide books, a mug and some Euros.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, celebrating the worst and best thing that ever happened.
 You are loved, and there's no lengths God wouldn't go to, to prove that to you. I hope you know that.
- Haley


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