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Our kids are still too young for "spring break," but we are thinking ahead to summer travel, and some fun ways to keep them busy in the car or even just while we are out running errands. I've seen several ideas of travel toys to make out of mint tins, but thought I'd try one of my own. These mini dioramas are perfect for Thing One and Thing Two is just thrilled to open it and find something inside.

Since Thing One loves to do crafts I let him paint, glue and add sand to his, and I made Thing Two's  habitat for him, sans sand. 

After the sand dried he painted on the top: a tree, a leaf and two water rocks : ) Then we introduced the creatures to their new home. 

Here's Thing Two's. I added a foam tree that folds down and pops up. I tore the sticker backing off only where it sticks agains the tin and left the rest on there so it wouldn't be sticky.

We painted the outside with acrylic paint (and I did a quick wipe around the rim to give it a clean edge). Then we let them dry and finally added a foam dino sticker.

They are small and easy to keep in the car or even a purse. Yay for instant, tiny entertainment! If I had a girl I would probably use some of the fairy garden supplies to make a tiny fairy garden box. Can't you picture that? A mossy floor with some little flowers in there and a fairy instead of a lizard. So cute.

Looking for other good in-the-car entertainment? How about

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Monster Crayon Roll
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  1. Very cute idea! My kiddos are now teenagers, but they would have enjoyed this when they were young.

    Stopping by from WFMW.


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