Stone Soup

Hello Friends! It is supposed to snow again here this weekend. I never mind being snowed in with good comfort food, and good company. We made a special soup here recently and in light of the snowy  weather I thought I'd share it today. I like to let Thing One help with cooking whenever possible; he loves to cook. This is a perfect recipe for kids, because the ingredients are more than just ingredients, they are part of a magical story...

It started when we got this book, in a super cache of hand-me-down books. I thought it would be so fun to read it and then make stone soup for dinner.

We didn't use exactly what they used in the book, but as long as you use the stone and lots of other stuff, it magically turns into soup. : )

First have your kiddo pick out the perfect soup stone, then wash it really well. Put it in your soup pot and add your ingredients. We used veggie broth, chopped potatoes, carrots, lentils, sausage, dried sage, dried parsley, salt and pepper.

While your soup simmers, you can listen to this fun Stone Soup song. It used to be on YouTube, but now you have to spend $1. It's probably worth it. But you'll have to be prepared to explain "nincompoop" since it rhymes with soup. : )  Happy soup making! 
- Haley


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