Let's Make Rabbits

Hi again! I didn't think I'd be posting again before Easter, but we just read the cutest book, and since it's about rabbits, I thought I'd share it during Easter weekend (even though we know Easter is more than bunny rabbits and peeps). We have read lots of Leo Lionni books, but somehow I'd never seen Let's Make Rabbits. It's a sweet book about two rabbits, one pencil-drawn, and one scissor-cut. You know how I love a craft inspired by a children's book! 

As soon as we turned to the first page, and I saw the scrap paper, I thought of this pile of papers I had left over from some projects we did this fall. The paper we used is handmade in India, fair trade paper from Equal Exchange. I can't see it there now, you might only be able to order it at Christmas time...anyway it was perfect for this book craft.

Pencil draws a rabbit, and scissors cuts one out of scrap paper. I held some graph paper over the picture and traced each of the pieces to make patterns for our own scrap rabbits.

I wrote on the pieces so we would know which side was "face up." Then we traced the patterns face down on the back of the paper we wanted to use.

Then we cut them out and used a glue stick to stick them together. 

don't forget to make a carrot!

It's fun to have some indoor actives this year, since we got another 8 inches of snow this morning... 
We had to cancel our egg hunt, and instead we said "Let's make rabbits!"

Wanna make some? Well hop to it!


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