Penguin Foods

Hi! Happy Spring! Our's is off to a chilly start with more than a foot of snow yesterday. Since Easter is this weekend, I thought I'd share another creative way to eat those leftover hard-boiled eggs. You know we like to do low key theme days around here. It usually just involves me realizing we have several things that go together and then gathering them up the night before and checking Pinterest for a food inspiration. We recently did a penguin day. I gathered up books, stickers, a puzzle and a book on tape, and just let the boys choose what they wanted to do.

For lunch they had a boiled egg turned into a penguin, as well as crackers with cream cheese, carrots, and olives. The egg's wings and head are held on with toothpicks, so just have kids watch out for those : )

For the crackers we just spread cream cheese on and stuck on the head, wings, beak and feet. Easy and fun! I hope you have a wonderful easter weekend.

Jesus loves you to death....and back. : )


P.S.- If you are looking for other post-Easter ideas for using up hard boiled eggs and way too many peeps, you might like this post or just search "eggs" at the tops of the blog, for all the fun Easter stuff we've done.  : )


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