No Sew Quiet Book

Hi Friends! It's been a long time since I posted something crafty. I made a little quiet book for a special two-year-old and I thought I'd share it with you. I love finding ideas on Pinterest for stuff like this so I want to share mine in case there's an idea that would help someone else. In the past I've sewn together quiet book pages (see some here), but sewing takes a little longer, so I put this whole book together with felt and hot glue. Yep--it's a NO SEW! I found this little canvas book at Target and thought it would make a great quiet book. The pages are a lot more durable than the felt base I've used in the past, and the rings pop open so I could take out the pages to glue them and just pop them back in in whatever order. I also kept out a few pages, so I could make some new pages and trade them out (hypothetically). 

I ironed on the tree decal and jut hot glued the flowers. I used permanent markers to write "Quiet Book." On other pages I used fabric markers, but having done both, I would recommend Sharpies rather than fabric markers. The fabric markers bled a lot and the Sharpie was much cleaner. 

Ribbon rain

The car is two layers with a space for the ribbon to run in-between so that it can move back and forth. The car wash is a t-shirt sleeve cut into strips.

The sock monkey doesn't do anything. I was going to make it a puzzle with a barrel of monkeys on one page to hold the pieces, but ended up just gluing it all on. The pom pom is fun to pet. 

The mail box has letters and you could always add new ones or paper ones as well.

The frog's tongue is elastic so you can stretch it and slurp in the fly. It's fun to use these giant googly eyes too. The fox is playing peekaboo behind the tree.

Laundry pages are really popular it seems. It's fun to take the clothes out and clip them on. I used a little piece of clear vinyl to make the window, and left the washer open on the right side to slide the clothes in and out. 

The last page is a bowl full of cherry pom poms and a pie crust with a lattice that she can weave.

Hopefully our little friend will enjoy her quiet book. Hot glue is amazing. And between the ready made canvas book base, and the hot glue, this was a pretty fast project. Which just happens to be all I have time for these days. : ) It feels good to make something fun again though. That's all for today!
I hope that you are well! 

Know that you are LOVED!


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