Have Mercy

I'd like to introduce you to our good cause for April: The Mercy House. This is such a cool ministry. It's a mother house in Kenya for young pregnant girls who come from heart-breaking circumstances. The girls are given a safe place to live, counseling, prenatal care, taught about nutrition, learn craft skills, and an have the opportunity to earn money and save for their future while they are in the program. You can read all about the need and the vision here. And how all this came to be here, on the We Are THAT Family blog. It's such a cool story of God orchestrating things years in advance to bring the right people together to start something amazing. 

So where do we come in? Well, Mercy House has a shop where you can purchase the handmade jewelry and art that the girls who live there make. I've purchased a few things for myself over the last year, so when I heard that they were going to start home parties I was super excited. This week I got to fill my house with this gorgeous stuff and some great friends.

I love these necklaces. Bowls, coasters, t-shirts, I really think there's something for everyone.

I saw the whole "Keep Calm and Carry On" and it's many variants all over blog land for a while, but this is my favorite version, and on a sweet bag to boot. 

Typically I am not a fan of home parties. I've never had one. But this was different. You can send all your guests to the Mercy House shop beforehand to see what kind of things will be for sale and to learn more about the scope of the ministry. It feels good to know that every purchase makes a difference in the lives of these girls and their precious babies.

A little birdie told me there's a waiting list to have home parties right now, but the Mercy House Shop is open and ready for business, so everyone can shop. Will you consider shopping with a purpose? Mother's day is coming up and their necklaces are super cute! Even shopping can make a difference.

Thanks for reading.

I have a couple of fun Mercy House party details to share with you on Friday, so I'll see you then ok?


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