Pinned Theirs--Marie! The Baguettes! Hurry Up!

I had more stuff planned for this week, but sometimes we don't know what the week has planned for us if you know what I mean. So I'll share my other recipes later and finish up with this amazingly simple yet impressive looking appetizer. Which I traced back to...Martha Stewart. You can find the original here. Mine came out so similar to the one I pinned, I'm just going to show you mine here (also I'm feeling lazy, so just click over there if you want to see Martha's). 

You just cut a baguette like so, so that there's a high and low side to each slice.

Then tear out a little bit of bread to make a little well. Fill with some veggie dip and a few slices of fresh crispy veggies. I used sugar snaps, yellow and red bell peppers and some fresh chives. 

Fun and fancy-looking.  "Pinned Theirs" success. 

I hope you had a good week. Bon appetite and thanks for reading!


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