Mercy Party Projects

I promised a couple more details from the Mercy House party, so here we go. When the box of stuff arrived I excitedly opened it up and admired each piece. When I saw these wristbands I  thought they were cool, but since I knew all my guests were going to be ladies, I have to admit,  I wondered if they would sell. 

Then my sister suggested that they could be more than just a bracelet. So I tried it on my favorite travel cup, which is always kind of slippery anyway. Now my coffee cup says something great and isn't slippery. It did take some patience to get it on there, but I don't plan to take it off since you have to hand-wash those cups anyway.

You know what? The wristbands were the first items sold out. If you want to make over your coffee cup you can get one here for only $5.  {By the way, Kristen from We are THAT Family has a new e-book out and part of the proceeds go to support the Mercy House. Check it out over here ------->}

I also wanted to do a little decorating for the party. I didn't have a lot of ideas or a lot of energy, but I decided to get out my silhouette and cut out some vinyl Africa shapes. I added one to this water carafe. 

Then I made some little shopping bags so everyone could put their small purchases in them. It feels more like shopping when you get a bag for your purchase, right?

I thought they turned out cute. These are the kind of projects I pictured doing when I was lusting after the silhouette. It was fun to go from designing the image to having professional-looking decals in just a few minutes. I'd like to do more stuff like this; maybe make Thing One some homemade stickers.

Anyway, that's the rest of the Mercy House party. I did make some fun food, but I'll share that with you next week. I'm going to do a week of foods that I pinned on Pinterest and then actually made. I'm really excited about how they turned out. It's going to be a delicious week!

Thanks for reading!


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