Pinned Theirs--We all scream for cupcakes

A few weeks ago I helped with a baby shower for my sister-in-law. They did not find out if they are having a boy or a girl so we decided to go with a gender neutral and super cute theme: The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Some day I will show you more of the party, but today I just wanted to show you my Pinterest copycat food. All the food was themed from the book, and there is a lot of food in there! Since I had to make cupcakes anyway, I thought this would make the perfect ice cream. 

Here's the one I pinned, it is from a fun cake blog called My Cake School and you can find her tutorial here. She baked all the cupcakes in wrappers and just frosted the top, which makes it easy for party goers to take one. 

I wanted even more of a scoop of ice cream or soft serve look, so I actually baked these without wrappers and completely covered them with frosting, on the sides and everywhere, so it was a plate and fork operation to eat one, but I think that was fine. Since the frosting went all the way to the plate I also didn't bother gluing them down with more frosting beforehand. There was plenty of top frosting doing that... 

I was also a little impatient with my frosting gun (and having to wash it out between colors), so you can see there was still a little orange on the mint ice cream. Live and learn to not take short cuts, especially if you are running out of frosting and can't fix your mistakes. I don't have any illusions of being a professional cake decorator, but I can tell you to always have more frosting on hand than you plan to use. Frosting covers a multitude of mistakes my friends, a multitude. : )  Hope you are having an ice cream cone kind of day!

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