Opening Ceremonies

I love the Olympics. LOVE them. I go through withdrawal when they are over. We like to have an opening ceremonies party, so Thing One helped make some decorations. This is the first time he can really understand the Olympics so I've been trying to explain the different parts and then do a craft to go with it. He made a torch. 

 We didn't have any tissue paper, so we used felt.

We made some flags in preparation for the parade of Nations. I tried to stick with kind of simple ones, but I let him choose which ones he wanted to make. We ended up making flags for Italy, Japan, Israel, and Ghana to add to our USA and Canada. Thing One had fun looking for these countries in the opening ceremonies.

We put all our decorations together and we also colored a poster together. 

For Beijing we made a big Chinese dinner. This time we decided to have an English Tea. We went to World Market and picked up some British treats. 

We had iced tea and hot tea--Twinings of London. Thing One colored some labels for the tea too. We also did some USA tattoos : )

It was a delicious spread and a fun way to start the Olympics.

I hope you are enjoying all the competition. Go USA!

Thanks for reading.
- Haley


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