"We" Built Picnic Tables

It's been a sad summer in Colorado. We're watching for news updates and praying for everyone involved in the terrible shootings last night. It's another reminder to always say "I love you" and live life like you won't get another chance. It's pretty hard to transition from that to anything happy, but I'll try...

To finish up our kids BBQ week, I wanted to show you this awesome kids picnic table that my husband just built. Isn't it cute? I love normal things in kids size. : )

We (meaning mostly my husband--which is usually what "we" means at our house) built a grown up picnic table and a kids one in the last month, using slightly different patterns. The kids table is from Ana White and you can find her plans here. If you have never been to her website it is awesome. She has tons of free plans and directions for building all kinds of furniture. Before Pinterest I had saved a picture and URL for a toddler picnic table from her site. When we finally decided to build the table I found that she also has a bigger kid version, which is what we made. The toddler phase is pretty short and we wanted the boys to be able to use the table for a long time.

The adult picnic table plans we used can be found here at Popular Mechanics. We considered using the composite decking as it suggests, but once we priced it out, we decided to go with good ol' wood. 

I love that there is actually a place for everyone to sit now if we have people over and want eat outside. We're looking forward to lots of picnics in the backyard for the rest of the summer. I hope you enjoyed our little Kids BBQ series this week. Have a safe and happy weekend.

- Haley


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