Thursday, July 5, 2012

Picnic Victory

This morning Thing One can into our room and said "It's July fifth, time to get up and make our special fifth of July pancakes!" Hmm. Too bad the fourth of July and Christmas are only one day a year. Here's a picture of our special fourth of July black raspberry pancakes though.

So I'm sure your wondering...Yes we did win a prize at the picnic! We won a gift card to a great local restaurant, so we are super excited about a free date night!! There were some really over-the-top picnics there, so I wasn't really expecting to win anything this year, but I'm pretty sure these little guys were our golden ticket...or should I say our bald ticket?

The idea comes from Family Fun and you can find theirs here. I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes instead of black gel, and I didn't dip the Oreos. The judges thought the eagles were really unique. Although I hope I didn't give the wrong impression--when they announced our picnic as a winner the judge said "These guys had the most amazing cupcakes, they were made out of Bald Eagles!" Thank goodness PETA wasn't at our town gathering; I promise no eagles were harmed in the making of these marshmallow treats! : ) I also made rocket dogs (also from Family Fun), and I threw in a little star-spangled fruit salad, complete with basil and black raspberries from our garden.

Speaking of fresh from our garden, I LOVE this time of year when every time I go to the backyard I come in with a handful of edibles. Here's today's gathering: green beans, baby leeks (I'm still thinning them) and sugar snap peas. I'm planning a tour of our gardens soon, because I love to show them to my friends.

I hope you had a fantastic Fourth. Now get to bed, you have to get up early to make those special sixth of July pancakes!

Thanks for reading!


  1. You little bald eagles are so adorable!!! Excellent job!

  2. These all look great, I too love how cute the bald eagles are. Thank you for sharing on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week.


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