Harvest Time

It's harvest time! We've been playing farmers here over the last couple of weeks. First we found an apple orchard right in our own town that I never knew about. We picked Honey Crisps to our heart's content--15lbs.

And then we went back a week later because we had eaten them all! I made a few batches of crockpot applesauce, which I am now in love with. 

Then this week we went out to a nearby working farm where they let you pick all your own veggies right from the fields. This is just a little bit of what we came home with. It was so fun to watch Thing One discover how everything grows and is harvested. He had a great time even though it was HOT and dusty. He was a trooper and he loved it!

I spent today processing carrots, beets and tomatoes and loading up the freezer. After the announcement this week about organic foods not actually being healthier, researchers are concluding that the best way to ensure your food is as healthy for you as possible is to minimize the distance and time from farm to table. Um yeah, that makes sense. I feel pretty good about all this food that we picked ourselves. We also got some fun fall decorations. I've never seen Indian corn growing before. It felt kind of magical picking this. You don't know what color each one is until you pull back the husk. It was so fun and I think they are really pretty.

We also picked a lot of little pumpkins. Aren't they fun? Tomorrow is finally going to be below 90ยบ and with all these veggies and decorations around maybe it will finally start to feel like fall.

Have a great weekend!


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