Homegrown Salsa

My gardening goal for a long time has been to grow everything to make our own salsa. Still not there yet, but we did get to pick almost everything that went into this salsa, thanks to our farm trip. If anyone has any advice on growing onions I'm all ears. I don't know why we can't grow them. Anyway today I thought I'd share how I make salsa. 

I used to chop everything by hand. Yikes! No wonder I never made salsa. Then I tried the food processor, but it always came out so runny, or with giant onion chunks. Then I finally figured out how to make salsa in the food processor; in two batches. 

First I process all the "firm veggies." I like to use:

1 white or yellow onion
4 medium chili peppers (here I used 2 anaheim and 2 yellow wax)
*for spicier salsa also add a couple of seeded jalapeƱos or seranos.
juice of 1/2 lime
1 handful of cilantro

Pulse until finely chopped, then pour into a bowl.

Next cut up tomatoes just so they fit in the food processor. I usually 1/4 or 1/8 them. Then pulse the tomatoes a few times, just until you don't see big chunks. The key is not to over process the tomatoes. I usually do two batches of tomatoes per one batch of peppers and onions.

Add the tomatoes to the pepper mix and stir until well combined adding salt to taste. I like my salsa pretty salty. This salsa reminds me of the kind you get at a good mexican restaurant. I hope you like it!



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