Mini Chalkboard Block

Chalkboard stuff is really popular right now. I bought some chalkboard spray paint, and I've kind of wanted to turn everything into a chalkboard since. I've also seen a lot of cute little wood block crafts on Pinterest and other blogs. So we did a little project that was kind of a hybrid of a couple projects I've seen; we turned a small woodblock into a mini chalkboard. 

We had saved some scrap wood pieces from when we made the picnic tables. Thing One picked out a square piece and we went to work. I let him work on sanding it for a while and then I finished it off, sanding all the edges until they were rounded. 

Then I let Thing One paint it. We used acrylic craft paint. 

After the paint was dry I taped off the edges and spray-painted the middle with chalkboard paint. After that was dry I used a little sand paper to scuff up the edges some to make it look more worn. We made this block to help with some nap-time struggles. I like for Thing One to stay in his room and have quiet time, but we don't always do that at exactly the same time every day. So now we can just write the time on the block and when his clock says that time he is free to be done with quiet time. He's excited about his time block, since he helped make it. I'm sure we will use it for other stuff, like the happy fall sign above. This was a fun and easy project and I see more wood getting the paint and chalkboard treatment in the near future. Maybe a bigger one next time.  

Hope you had a good weekend. We did : )

Happy Crafting!
- Haley


  1. That is a great idea to have the time written in front of him so he can match it with the clock. The little block is so cute it would be great for food labels at a party or little notes. Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!

  2. This is a wonderful idea! They would look perfect displayed as food markers at a dessert table. Such a nice, rustic feel. And I love that you can reuse them! Thanks for sharing them on Confetti Diaries!


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