10 Little Rubber Ducks Memory Game

Remember when we did the Eric Carle day last year? Well later on I came up with a fun activity to go with the book 10 Little Rubber Ducks

Since the book is about 10 rubber ducks lost at sea I thought we'd do an activity with ducks and finding numbers, so we made paint chip memory. You could do 10, but I actually did 12 because I wanted to be able to make 3 even rows. We collected several different shades of yellow, making sure to get at least 3 of each. 

Then I just searched for and printed out a duck shape. I cut him out and traced him on all the paper paint chips.

Then I wrote a numeral on half and spelled out the number on the other half. This way Thing One has to practice reading and recognizing the words in order to match them to the numbers. If you wanted this to look nicer you could use sticker letter and numbers on the back. I don't take my free crafts too seriously, so I just scratched it on there with a marker. : )

 Then you turn them all over...

...and try to find a match.

Easy, fun, cheap and good preschool practice, especially when combined with a fun book. By the way I just discovered that there's an Eric Carle Museum, and a fun blog that goes with it. Check it out for more fun Carle inspired art ideas. 

Thanks for reading!
- Haley


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